Oilseed treatment

Biostimulant for oilseed treatment. It is a liquid product formulated based on a consortium of microorganisms that promote growth which intervene in the process of germination, emergence and root development.

Foliar application

Liquid biostimulant foliar application formulated based on beneficial microorganisms, which directly or indirectly provide and improve the nutrition, quality and health of the crops.

water treatment

HammerStick Solid: HammerStick Solid combines the properties of Ammonium Sulphate as activator of herbicides and BeterStick, which as a silicone adjuvant improves wetting and adhesion of the product to the leaves and reduces evaporation.

BeterStick: Multiple action liquid adjuvant that is specially formulated to improve the efficiency of phytosanitary treatments. It corrects the hardness and pH of water, reduces the production of foam avoiding losses due to spillage, reduces surface tension by increasing the contact area and the wetting effect of the sprayed drop.