Síntesis Biológica based in the province of Córdoba had been elaborating, since 2006, Bioinputs through research and biotechnological development. In addition, it counts on a field with a team technically and commercially trained to accompany the producer. Starting from the agro-industrial sector of Cordoba, it is expanding towards Latin America, continuing with its search for integral and effective responses to the requirements of the current market. The company works daily to create economic, social and environmental value.


The incorporation of biological products for integrated use in intensive and extensive crops, allows to optimize the implantation and to incorporate to the productive system beneficial organisms specially selected for their functions in diverse biological processes, in a sustainable way and always in tune with the Good Agricultural Practices. These microorganisms, now called Growth Promoters, improve soils, intervene in mechanisms of biological nitrogen fixation, biosolubilization of phosphorus and other nutrients, production of phytohormones and antibiotics. They also contribute to the increase of the physical quality of the soils (participation in carbon cycle and generation of organic matter), which directly affect the crop development.